A penny for your thoughts

So this is my first post so to start off I will just leave a few messages about me and what is currently going on in my life!

I am currently going to college studying Biology to eventually become a Doctor in my future. I have three older brothers with the youngest of the three just recently getting called to serve in the Philippines for his mission!!! I turned 18 in march so soon, like in next month, I will be able to start my mission papers. Life is going by too fast… I am in YSA and as one of the youngest there it gets pretty awkward at times but when your Young Women’s leader basically throws you out it is time to move on. It’s very strange to know people who are getting married even though they are a year older than me. What is happening!!! I don’t want to become an adult!!!

Well this is was just a little bit about me due to me not knowing really what to write.

‘Till next time

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