Slip into the College Life

I only have about three weeks ’till I start college and I’m excited yet very nervous.

I am only doing ten credit hours so my workload is pretty small but with being a Bio major comes hard classes. I really like how I can choose what classes I want, when I want them and most important the professors I have.

Constantly, I have a worry that my grades will just decrease from High School and that can not happen!!!! I will become that person who sits in the front row and is a gunner. I must succeed. But with my Mission papers being started soon I am most likely doing only one or two semesters and even then I will have institute on the same days I have school, in order to succeed I think I must do what Ron Weasley has told suggested.

Being organized and keep track of my schedule I think will hopefully be an easy transition form High School with a job to College with a job. Have to keep busy to pay the bills…

So with class starting soon I am quickly realizing how many of my friends are going out of state for college and it’s a very strange thought know that the people I have known for so long I will probably never see them again, even with a 10 year reunion. That bring up another things, year is there 10 year reunions I mean like if I’m in graduate school why would I go into more debt to see people again… Pointless… Now a 20 year reunion I can understand for everyone will have experience in the job that they have acquired and have probably stabilized their family and work lives. Now most of my friends which I have know for over six years are going to school near me so I will still be able to see them if we all take the time to see each other but growing up is also making me see that the people I used to think were old because they were in college has become me. On the bright side I won’t see like the a majority of the 1500+ people I graduated with and I couldn’t be more happy.

Summer in Texas is hot and the days just seem to keep going by so fast, I mean it’s already August!! What happened?! With so many back to school parties with my friends and the search for a better job my year is getting shorter and the time I get to spend with my friends is also decreasing. The way I see it the friendships I have made will continue if they try as well as I but if not they aren’t worth worrying about because the amount of new people I meet will be vast.

‘Till next time

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