You know I’m all about those supplies

So with just a week left till my first day of college the stress keeps piling and with my backpack pretty much done being filled with what I think I will need I have decided to share my findings.

Is it just me or is shopping for school supplies like the best part of starting school again and with me being a freshmen for college I am basically clueless about what to get, so I got the basics of what I think I will need and things I KNOW are necessary!!!

1. Composition Notebook. Like High school most English classes like these so seems like a safe bet.
2. Clipboard. I am just a fan of these so I always have mine in my bag.
3. Loose Leaf Paper. These are always needed and I am pretty sure College won’t be the exception.
4. A Bag. No explanation needed.
5. A Planner. YES THIS IS NEEDED. I use my planner all the time to write down to do lists and to make sure my assignments are turned in early cause I stress about that stuff.
6. A Book. I love reading so I keep the book I am reading at the moment with me at all times.
7. Preach My Gospel. This is the thing out of every single thing I put into my school bag I need the most. Since I started carrying this around me at all times and when I had a free day would pull it out and study has really helped me, and it also makes great conversations.
8. A Mug. This is often substituted for a water bottle but I have to stay hydrated somehow. I have found that keeping water with me reminds to drink more and I also feel more awake.
9. Ruler. This is mainly because I am a perfectionist…
10. Study Spirals. This is due to my study preference and how I like to keep my class notes and study notes separate.
11. A pencil bag. If you have made it to college I am pretty sure you know what to put into these and what writing utensils you prefer.
12. Tissues. I always get my allergies in the worst times so this is a must.
13. Lotion. It’s going to be winter soon and that means lots of lotion.
14. Body Spray. Since I am taking Bio Lab and who knows what I will smell like after the Texas Heat this is to help make sure I smell the best.
15. Blotting paper. My oily skin has never made me so mad as it does when I’m in school.
16. Hand Sanitizer. I never leave the house without this cause germs are gross man.
17. Girly Emergency bag. We all know why this is needed.
18. Medication. THIS IS WILL NOT FORGET!!!!!!!
19. Sunblock. I only burn so this is what I will keep applying till I die.
20. Makeup Bag. This has all my basic make up for touch-ups.

21. Cards. You never know what you might need.
22. Post-it notes. This is very necessary for my studying habits so the more I have the better.
23. Blank Note Cards. I asked around and people said I need it so I got it.
24. MCAT Bio Cards. I need to be able to answer all of these with no thought so I might as well start now.
25. Safety glasses. I need these for Bio Lab as well as gloves but those haven’t come yet…
26. Calculator. I might not be taking a Math class but this will be needed eventually for bio and Micro Econ
27. Class Spirals. I need to write and write a lot.

Well those are all my school supplies that have come in so far. Of course I didn’t included like my chargers and batteries for the calculator but to me those are a no brainier. I also didn’t include like my wallet and keys, which by the way I just got my license!!

Glad I don’t have to go though that again.

If you guys want me to explain anything that I have in detail just let me know in the comments.

‘Till next time!!

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