Keeping your thoughts on Heaven

With my days getting busier and busier I am coming back to the realization of how I need to make sure that my thought go towards my progression and not on the need of the world.

As a now college student and someone who is hoping to get her mission call by the end of this year. I have changed from the little beehive I used to be. Here is what I had found that helps me keep my life centered around the Gospel and thinking about the eternities.

1. Prayer

This is by far the most important thing that I have found which keeps me from drifting into a place filled by the world.

There is no better way to keep your thoughts on Christ and Heavenly Father then to speak out the worries of your heart to ones who listen and know the pain that you feel.

Prayer is the way that even in a horrible situation you can say a prayer in your heart and feel the love of God surround you.

I can not tell you the amount of times where prayer has saved me from hardships that I did not need to bare alone. The hard times will always be there, but so will God.

2. The small miracles.

Something I am very guilty about is thinking that all miracles are grand. That they have to be grand if it is a miracle. I have never been so wrong about something like this.

Acts from God are sometimes the most simple things. I have come to know this. If it was remembering my drivers license the day my brother gave his farewell talk so I could pick up my parents so they would not miss it. That in it’s self is a miracle. Through Heavenly Father I have seen many things in life that most people would over look yet I can now see the beauty in them. My favourite thing is when it rains. I love to watch the earth become pure again and see all the dirt and grime wash away. I love it when the rain is over and the sun barely comes out over the dark gray clouds. To be it is like seeing a bit of Heaven that illuminates out of the storm.

3. Live in the moment.

Something I am also guilty of, especially when I have a brother on a mission who I just want home again.

Time goes by too fast. My high school years were all a blur to me and that was 4 years of my life! When I see my little nephews and nieces grow up so fast it strange to me, I remember being at their parent’s wedding and meeting my sister-in-laws for the first time.

I like to think of this world as a fishing wire. It can be useful if used correctly but it is also thin and small. The time we have on this earth is so short and we need to use every moment of it to it’s fullest.

I constantly want time to speed up so that I can get to where I want to go and be who I want to be but what I fail to notice and do is to slow down. I am constantly rushing around and not slowing down my speed to match His speed. I miss so many messages from the Spirit because I fail to notice them, I fail to change my life so that every aspect is center around Him.

Nothing I can be doing of the world should ever take His place. I need to become more sensitive of what is going on around me and focus on what really matters.

We have such a small moment in our mortal life and after that we have all of eternity to reflect upon it.

I love the chance I get to know my Father in Heaven more and see all that he has done for his Children. I am so happy that I have gotten to grow more spiritually so that I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father loves and cares for me. That He is able to show me His love in so many ways that I can not even see myself. I am thankful for how much He listens to the many small problems that I feel. I am thankful for all the many blessings I have and I am most thankful for the chance I have to return to Him.

‘Till next time

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