The Soft Whisper

Well 3 weeks from now I will be turning in my mission papers and I am suddenly very nervous. I used to think I have all this time before I leave on my mission but time is running out quickly.

Recently since my brother has left on his mission I have been so blessed. My friend who is a RM once told me, it isn’t the missionary who gets the most blessings from the mission, it’s the family. This could not be more true. Ever since my brother has now become Elder Wilson I have been blessed to be able to hear the spirit.

This is something that has never happened before in my life, I am able to hear the directions he wants me to go, what he wants me to say.

It’s very strange to me thinking that in a short few months I will be dedicating 18 months of my life to the service of the Lord. That my family will have two missionaries out in the field serving their fellow men. What a blessing to us all.

I love how I have gotten to know the Lord in my daily life and how I am able to draw closer to him every day.

College life is always stressful and it always will be but I am glad that I have something to look forward to, that so soon I will be serving the Lord and my fellow men.

‘Till next time

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