Fath is truly the answer

shutterstock_393367726So this week has been one of my roughest weeks, lots of emotions and lots of Portuguese. There are lots of things I am quickly being humbled by.

There are multiple Brazilians who are learning english, not for their missions but for one reason. So that they can hear the Prophet on God and understand him. That was so impactful for me to hear, wow. There are so many people who wish to hear the Prophet´s voice and understand it and here I am always knowing that privilege and not realizing what a privilege it is.
Something I also noticed today is how much I truly need to put my faith in the lord. If I don´t have the faith in the language and faith in the Lord nothing will happen. Faith is how to keep the ball going uphill and making sure it never goes down.
There are so many things in my life I am grateful for, but mainly this week I’m grateful for my instructors Irmão Ettmüller and Irmão Androde. There are many times where I get frustrated with trying to say a sentence, getting half way through and my mind just goes, nope, no Portuguese for you. They are so patient and truly the best people here. I could not of gotten better instructors.
Pray for faith to see and Hear Miracles.

As God is my witness I am his witness, that this is the truth of the Almighty God and this will always be the truth.

Wishing you the best,


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