Pushing through the days

The weeks are short but that days are long.

This week the trio I am in is being split as a Sister and an Elder from provo come in at a later time today. The CTM is intersting, the schedule is constant and it´s pretty much the same thing every day. After today there is only one more P-Day till I am out in the field. Scary but exciting at the same time. Right now I am companions with the Sister Training Leader, so many times we stay up past 10:30 to help sick sisters or go running out of the room at 3am to get the doctor. Keeps us on our toes.
It rains pretty much every day here, and i love it. The bad part of that, lots of bugs everywhere so bug repellant is in full effect.
We had a devortional this week with Elder Ted R. Callister and Elder Holmes. I always like it when we get devitionals in english, I CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THEM. It has still not hit me that I am a missionary yet and I am pretty sure it won´t fully hit me till I am in the field and there is no one around me who can speak english.
I love this work so much, even though i only get small glimpses of what the life will be like after the CTm, I love it. Saturday we are proseltying again for the last time before the field. Very exctied to had out of LDM and preach happiness to the people of São Paulo.

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