It’s gonna take work

It´s official I love proselyting.

This week was different, I got a new companion!!!!! Sister Fleming is going to Cutiriba Sul and just came from Provo and is now my companion until we get into the field next Tuesday. Saturday was our last day proselyting before we head into the field, and man let me tell you. I realized just then how much I am progressing in my Portuguese.

So we were dropped off at the same street that we were the last time but this time we only had 10 LDM since it´s a dupla.  Anyways, we are both pretty shy people when it comes to talking to others randomly so it took us a little time to get into the groove. Unlike last time, I did a lot of the talking. The very first person, we were walking down to get towards more people and this guy comes up to us and was like “Are you guys Mormon Missionaries?” we both looked at each other and were like, uhhhh YES. He wanted to know more about the church but only had a minute before he had to catch the subway, anyways this guy realized that we were American and started speaking to us in English but the crazy thing was, he was speaking to me in English yet I was replying in PORTUGUESE!!!!! Like my brain processed the English and I just went nope we are doing Portguese. We gave him a LDM and then he had to leave. Talk about a blessing and a miracle in my eyes.

The last girl we talked to I kinda freaked out about, mainly because SHE WAS WEARING A SUPER JUNIOR SWEATSHIRT. It was seriously like Heavenly Father went ” yup, you like this kinda stuff, here you go Sister Wilson” it´s crazy how much I am able to  communicate with the people here and not realize it. This girl was perfect for me, I was able to talk about K-Pop to get into her little atmosphere and then moved onto the Gospel, she actually took our 15th LDM ( we were given some from the Brazilians who couldn´t place them). I can not wait till I am doing this every day and interacting with actual people who are interested in the church.

This week I have realized things, mainly I need to work much harder than I am if I want to be able to help others and bless them. I need to push through the days and get to work,. If I didn´t talk to these people while proselyting no one would of, and they would of never of gotten a chance to hear about the restored Gospel.
I am blessed to be on this mission and every day be able to talk of Christ and wear his name.

Wishing you the best,

Sister Wilson

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