Tips for the Brasil CTM/MTC

Things I should have known before hand


Tips for the Brasil CTM/MTC
just make it to sunday it will all be better
the more you practice portuguese the easier it gets
bring colored pencils
bring LOTS of sticky notes
bring those tab things
bring expo markers in fun colors, makes grammer easier to tolerate
bring a good normal water bottle ( liek a sports bottle)
bring mints, gum is not allowed
no one uses robes so don´t bring one
if you are on the 3rd floor (girls) the showers by the window have the best water pressure
bring deoderant
bring those car freshner things (the trees) the classrooms smell horrid
bring lots of travel tissues, girls tend to cry
bringa mini notebook for new words
embrace the traditions
“film” time on sundays are really just nap time
bring spirals to take notes in class

when you go to the temple buy new trip and bible, don´t mark in them till you get into the field, trust me on this one you will want it.

bring hangers
coin purse and a seperate wallet are useful
sisters bring a winter coat, the elders like to freeze us
you can send photos through mr. cheneys cookies!
make a name for your district, the brazilians gave mine “dumbledores´s army”
play volley ball with the brazilians, tons of fun
listen to music on the youth page of to make TALL bareable
quote boards are fun, so make one!
bring photos of everything and everyone
use the english planner for new words if you forgot you mini notebook
you don´t bring all your stuff to everything, jsut for workshops, leave it in your classroom
bring some fun photos to spice up the classroom
write down what to email about, you WILL forget
flip flops = shower shoes
bring flashcards if you like to use those
write your teachers thank you cards before you leave for the field
bring a folder for all the loose papers you will get
if you sleep with a stuffed animal bring something similar
you CAN do this

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