Living the dream

I never thought I would be this happy to have my body sore, but i am filled with joy.

This week was full of contacting, and contacting, and a bit of teaching. One of our investigators who went to church last week has completely stopped contacting us after he was very excited to learn more. That´s life as a missionary. All this week we working on contacting and inviting everyone we met to go to church, for that´s our contacting method, and if they seemed interesting and not that they just wanted to walk away we asked if we could share a message before Sunday to talk more about God. We met two really good people Friday.

João after we taught him the first lesson had a dream that he interpeted that this church we were talking about was different than others.

Nozor had the JW ask him to go to church with them and he said no but when we asked he said he felt that we had something more for him than the others had and he had to agree.

The work is hard and that is a good thing, for if it was easy then it wouldn´t be work. I love getting up and going straight to the work of the Lord. I am blessed in so many ways in my life that I have never noticed until now. There are many things that I have and others don´t but there is one thing I can show to them that they do have. They have God´s love, and through the work of missionaries they too can have everlasting happiness. If they choose to listen,

Wishing you the best,

Sister Wilson

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