Milagres (Miracles)

This week has been a week of miracles. Mainly due to one person the Lord has prepared for this moment in time.

So we met this guy on our way to the store to get things we needed. We normally don´t street contact or proselyte at night because of the amount of drunks hanging around but this night we decided to. So we met this guy, said hi and invited him to church and if we could share more of our message before that. He said yes.

The next day we taught him about prophets, he was confused a bit at first but understood what we ere saying, the next day we taught the day of the lord, then it was Sunday. he came to church and even participated in the discussions during Sunday school. After church we walked him to his house and went to lunch. we scheduled an appointment with him for the next day, we showed up and he wasn’t there, tried the next day, the same thing. On Wednesday we called him as our last ditch effort and he picked up, and struggling a lot he said after church he had 2 heart attacks and had been in the hospital. We went to his house and taught him the first lesson and asked him to pray if Joseph Smith was a prophet. The next day we came back and asked if he prayed, with a smile on his face he told us he had a dream and that God answered his prayers. It was true. At this point we were like. WAIT WHAT. But we continued on with our plan and taught him in more detail about the book of Mormon, and again asked him to read it and pray. We returned the next day. And again, he had another dream. He told us he believed it all, that God was speaking to him through his angels, and then called us his angels.

This past Saturday He as baptized, despite being barely able to speak or walk. He had a desire to be baptized so nothing could stop him. After his baptism he cried of happiness, this 58 year old man, cried because he had been baptized.

This week has been a week of miracles and a week where the hand of the Lord is present.

Wishing you the best,

Sister Wilson

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