It’s the Climb

It´s has been a week of downs, right after the highs. This week has been frustrating.

I was supposed to give the first lesson to a girlfriend of one of our recent converts ( he wants an eternal marriage and she wants to knwo more) and after i got a little through i asked her a question and she just goes ” i don´t understand” boom, knife in the heart. she didn´t understand my portuguese.
Everythign i have been working hard to do, to accomplish, out the window. This week my bag broke as well. I am literally walking the streets with a quad in my hand, because i have nothing else. no way of getting anything else.
Lots of things happened this week, that i can not say as well.
On the bright side i had another baptism!!! and he wats to serve a mission in 3 years, he wants to go to japan!! Fruits of your labor are really happening now

Wishing you the best,


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