The hand of the Lord.

This week has been a good one. I will tell you the story of Luzia.

Luzia is the girlfriend of one of my trainers recent converts, she was a bad influence to the RC and often told him go back to drinking. This past week we visited the RC and she was there. My trainer had not seen Luzia for months and when we showed up at the house of the RC she told us she wanted to change her life, she had seen the change in the life of her boyfriend and wanted to change as well. We taught her, at first it was because she wanted to be with her boyfriend and make him happy but she eventually figured out that she really wanted this for herself. We invited her to be baptized on the 6th of August and she accepted. Later that night one of the assistants to the president called us (he is really close with my companion) talked about our investigator and then he told us that we should pray and think about when the Lord wants her baptized. When we were teaching her we thought she needed more time.

 001But the lord knew better.

We taught her the next day the 2nd lesson including commandments. Every single commandment, every single one, she was following. The Lord was saying to us at that moment “Don´t you see I have been preparing her for this, today is the day.” we invited her again to be baptized yet this time, it was for that night. With tears in her eyes, after we told her how the Lord spoke to us, that she is ready, she accepted. She was baptized.  even after the RC and her were fighting, he showed up to her baptism. I can´t imagine how he must feel, seeing the girl he wants to marry for eternity enter the waters of baptism. The Lord´s hand is in all things, we just need to look and see it. We also need hearts open to hear and feel the promptings of the Spirit.

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