Transfer # 2

This week was pretty normal so not much to share. my Companion went home today 🙁 i will not be transferred and will be getting a new companion tomorrow, but the rest of my zone except for 1 zone leader and 2 other missionaries are being transferred. No one will find out till tomorrow where they are going, but i really hope i get a good trainer, but let´s be honest here no one can replace my first trainer.

This week one of the assistants Elder Formenton (he also went home today) told me an interesting thing, that my trainer told me my first few weeks. He predicted that after my next transfer i will become a senior for 3-5 transfers (months) then Sister Training Leader. At the same time he is an assistant so it´s not really a prediction.

Not too sure how i feel about that yet since i still have a long way to go and have only been in one transfer.


Wishing you the best,

Sister Wilson

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