Breathe just Breathe

This week has been challenging, as the relationship with my companion gets worse every day, but I am serving her will with all I have. Things have also been communicated with the Sister Training Leader as well as District Leader, who advised me to tell the Zone leaders. Yup moving up in the ranks. Let’s hope it doesn´t get to the assistants.

This week Santina got baptized! A friend of one of the members who is preparing for a mission. She is seriously the best. Every time we had a lesson with her she would make us food and it was the best. Because all missionaries love to be fed. I have seriously gained like 10 lbs here. Perfectly ok with that. Hoping it´s all muscle.
My tan/sunburn is real. Like woah, I’m not so white anymore. But I’m still very white as all the Brasilians like to point out, not to mention my accent gives me away.
One thing I am implanting that very little missionaries do here is use the Book of Mormon in my lessons, yes I am mainly centered in the Bible since that is what they believe in , but also the Boom of Mormon. We have something that not everyone has, we have the joy that people are looking for. How will they know about the Book of Mormon if we do not use it? we say we believe in it, but we don´t use it? we need to use the Book of Mormon and help those who do not know the truth it holds, come to an understanding.

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