To offer the Bread of Life

This week we had zone conference with the presdient. and woah. was amazing. he made a reference that i will relate to you

The preisthood who pass the sacrament are like the missionaries, they offer to every person present the opportunity to partake of the sacrament, the emblems of Christ. Just how every day Missionaries offer every single person they meet the opportunity to partake of the blessings that come through the church of Christ.
it´s our responsibilty, jsut how it is the responsibilty of the priesthood, to offer the world the chance to partake, if they do not want to, it is there choice.
Really made me think how much i see someone who rejects the message and think poorly of them, when it needs to be the oppisite. I need to love them more, because they have not accepted. They are those who need the blessings the most.

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