Just speak

This week has been full of miracles for me.

So Marly, is the sister of Santina, the day we first taught Santina (I don´t know why) but I promised her that she would be a big example to her family, especially to her sister Marly. The next lesson Marly sat with us during the lesson and all the rest of the lessons we taught. We asked her if we brought her a Book of Mormon would she would read it, she responded, yes. I wrote the dedication in the front (my first, spelled everything incorrectly, even her name) and from that day, continuing until now, she has been reading and writing notes in her Book of Mormon daily. So the day of miracles started, we went to teach her the first lesson since it was the only one she hadn’t heard. I taught the first steps then switched and my copmanion started teaching the steps of baptism. As soon as she started teaching I felt the Spirit overwhelm me. I was completely overcome with the Spirit, at that moment I knew we had to ask her with a date in mind to be baptized. Without a doubt in my head or heart I had to ask her. Now. My heart felt as if it would explode I was so filled with the Spirit. My companion finshhed explaning the points and paused for just a moment. Before my body wcould stop my Spirit I spoke. What i was going to say, I had no clue. But I began speaking, I don´t remeber what I said, or if I was even speaking the right language, but all that mattered is that I was speaking with the language of the Spirit. Directed every thought, every word, every emotion.

I asked her how she felt about the Book of Mormon, we hadn´t even gotten to that pasrt of the lesson yet, she replied. “I know it is the word of God, I feel peace and joy when l  read its pages, I can not stop reading.”

Then it happened, I asked her if she would be baptized.  She accepted, but wanted our help to get her mother´s approval. Miracioulsly the mother accepted and Saturday she was baptized. I cried.

I feel something different with Marly, it as almost as if we had met before this life, that we were destined to meet, I was destined to help her find the church of Christ on this Earth again.

Wishing you the best,

Sister Wilson

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