Eyes fixed

This week has been a good week something interesting happened.

We had Stake conference, and while we walked there (Sunday and Sister Hansen and I did not want to pay for the bus) we got lost, we were walking in circles not knowing where we were going. that was when we saw it. The spire of the chapel, in midst of many trees. The direction we needed to go . we walked and walked many times not being able to see the point but always knowing it was there. Until we finally saw the chapel and knew that we were in the right direction, that we were never truly lost, just did not know where to look. And once we did, we kept that image in our minds.
This made me think of the temple, and how the Palmyra Temple in NY is surrounded buy many trees, but when you see the temple in the midst you keep your eyes fixed on it´s glory. sarah006
We must keep our eyes fixed on the temple, on the Lord, and not be distracted, if we can not see where we are going we must believe and remember the image of glory in our brains.

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