The Gift

When you think of the gift of interpetation of tongues you would normally think that this would be used to help one person understand the other when they are speaking two different languages, or to get the jist of what people are saying when the language is simliar. I now have a new testimony over this amazing gift.

We currently have a new person we are working with, whose name is Maria. somethign intersting about Maria is that she is mute, this turned out to be no problem. As we quickly learned that to teach you had to be in tune with the spirit. every moment, every gesture, every sound, we understood what she wanted to say, what her questions were, her doubts. her needs. this could only happen for one reason.

the power of God.

the interpretation of tongues happens even if no language is being spoken, for Heavenly Father knows the hearts of all his children.  The Gift


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