Rely on Him

Things are continuing on in the mission, every day walking a ton, talking a ton and praying a ton.

That is what i have learned on the mission, how much we truly need to rely on the lord in every moment of our lives.

that is how things happen, that is how miracles occur, when we stop relying on our own measures and start knowing that we can do nothing without the Lord, with our constant communication between the heavens and the earth.

On the Mission you really see how much everything is out to stop the work of the Lord, every little thing is meant to stop us from bringing the truth and happiness to those who are searching, yearning to know, to grow and be more like Christ. That is why we pray, so that the powers, the many forces against can be broken that we can feel the power with us, the things pushing us forward to find those, to teach those. and to grow.

Every moment is a blessing and every thought should be directed to him, in gratitude and in need of everything he can send upon us, if we have hearts to accept them.

He is there listening, but it is us who make the first contact, who break the barriers and speak to our Father.


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