1/2 Way Point

I can´t believe it has gotten to this point where I am on a downward slope on the time of my mission, I have reached the half way mark. TIME SLOW DOWN.

I have gotten to the point in my Mission where I am just happy, yes I get discouraged, yes I have hard days, but I am just happy. I am at peace with all that is happening around me, with every decision I make as I contunie to focus more on the Lord and forget the rest. that is what is bringing my happiness, not joining in on the gossip, not responding to answer question outside what goes on in the mission. Keeping my mind focused on the work and on the times ahead.

I have never felt such happiness, such joy, such peace, as I have chosen to be the most obidient I can be.

There is no better way then this, because there are only two ways. The easy way and the hard way and obediance is the easiest way that exists.

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