Draw nearer to him

Feb 27th 2017

This week has been a struggle, one of the hardest if not THE hardest week of my Mission.

I will not go into details because honestly the details confuse even me but this week i have come to love even more and draw nearer to my savior.

There is power in knowing that when there i no where else to go, nothing else you can do, your Savior is there, he understands you mroe than you can ever imgaine, and he knows the difficulties. He knows the pains.

There is always going to be nights in the darkness, and times when you pass through gethsamane, but if the Savior of Mankind could continue on, suffereing much more than you can ever. then you too, can contunie. You too can let the foot down and rely on him, to keep rising up and find the happiness through Him.

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