Well I am being transfered, to where? it is unknown.

These few weeks have been weeks on refelecting on every little thing I go through, to find the true deep meanings of the challenges, or the tribulation. As I come to search these I have come to find more and more, how much the Lord has been blessing me, how much He has been by my side but I was blind and could not see it. I was not aware of the help and the stregth lifting me up.

But now I see it. Now I see every little miracle, everything that was going my way so that things would all work out. The more I look back the more I see, the more I am coming to realize that these things are for my good. I might not know now why, but I will know , and I will rejoice in passing through what I have. Continuing on the path of rightoussness.

I will see that is was all necessary, and there was no other way for me to learn the lessons I have.

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