To my Best Friends

So it’s been about 6 years since I first met you guys. Time flies by so fast. Now we are all going to different colleges some far, some close, but never close enough. I miss seeing you guys everyday and laughing about all the crazy drama that just happens to find us. Let’s face it, we are all crazy and crazy people seem to get close to other crazy people.

So I wasn’t too sure how I wanted to write this, only that I wanted to. I was thinking maybe addressing each of you personally but that would take a very long time, and I pretty much did that already in your yearbooks. I also would really not like to cry. I’ll just start from the beginning and see how it goes.

I first met you guys, at least that I can remember, at lunch. I was sitting at a table by myself cause it was my first time in a public school. I was shy, scared and honestly just trying to become a shadow to everyone’s bright light. This was also a time where my family did not exactly have any money. My dad recently lost his job and my brother and I were wearing clothes from any place we could find. We didn’t have money to send me to school with brand new things or food. There I was sitting by myself wishing I could disappear, then came Elisabeth. I know we don’t like her now and how she wasn’t the nicest to me, but she introduced me to yall. She said hi to me in choir and she was honestly the first person to ever really talk to me. You guys were friends and that’s all I knew so she came by my table and asked if I wanted to eat with her and her friends. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to say no, to not interact with anyone and just be by myself. For some odd reason I agreed. This is when we met. You guys accepted me into your group and we so kind to someone brand new. I can never thank you enough for this.

I am thankful to you guys. You stuck by me through everything that has happened. When I was getting bullied because of what I wore, when the teachers started calling me anorexic because I never ate. You were there. You let me have some of your food, you gave me hugs and told me that they were wrong. You never judged me every step of the way.

There are a few of you that I met along the way. We instantly became close friend even though the time we were friends has been short.

We graduated together. THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!!
Over these past six years we have seperated from each other, made new friends, got a couple of boyfriends, but one things has remained constant. We are still friends.

I hope that we can keeping growing closer and stay in touch over the next few years, where we will be changing drastically. Some of us might get married, some of us will finish college, others will move far far away. I don’t care one bit that this will happen as long as you don’t forget about me cause I will never forget about yall.

Thank you for all the years, all the memories and for all the love.

Never forget that you guys are amazing people, and the greatest friends a girl like me could have. Thank you so much being accepting of me, every part of me. Even the crazy religious part. Please mail me when I go on my Mission so we keep in touch.


‘Till next time

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  1. Diana says:

    Thank you so much for writing this and including me in it; I really needed this right now. I’m so glad that we met and became the best of friends. Thank you for always sticking by me and never judging me for anything (even if it is me wanting a pet dumbo rat LOLOLOL). You hold a special place in my heart along with everyone tagged in this and no matter where I go in life, I will always be there for you and you will always be one of my bestest friends. I’m going to miss you sooo much when you go on your mission, but I wish you the best of luck in that and everything else that you accomplish, which, I hope to always be present for. Most importantly, thank you for being an amazing friend that I can always count on <3

  2. Hajir says:

    this made me cry… love you sarah thank you for some of the best memories I could ask for? I look especially forward to us majoring in some sort of science (lol) wish u the bestest of luck on the way 🙂

  3. Gracie says:

    This is the kind of friendships and memories that are the ones we will remember when we are old and watching our kids make the same friendships, it’s so easy to not think about how special it is during the time together, but we will always know how much we love each other in the end.

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