The inexperienced

I have been transferred, back to PINHAIS!!!!!! I am very excited for that part. The other parts, not too sure yet…

I am going to Tarumã to open up the area for sisters after being closed.
I have also been moved to Sister Training Leader.  The amount of responsibility just increased a whole lot more.
I have been focusing more on how I can help the new sisters that I will be in charge of, how will I be able to help them get though the many difficulties that Missionary Life brings.
As I have been focusing on this I have come to the conclusion. I have so much I lack. I have so much that I need to move, need to change, need to do to be an example to the sisters, to let love be the dominate thing I preach.  I have put something in my head. The Lord trust me, and he knows  I am capable, if I was not then I would not be given this chance. The opportunity to serve more people every minute.
I am so blessed every day for the chances I have to serve others, and to walk side my side with amazing spirits of our Heavenly Father. This is something I will cherish forever.


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