It’s the Final Countdown

How has the time gone by so fast. I now have less than 7 days left serving here in Brasil. Where has the time gone? What has happened along this path?

There are so many words and things i want to express but the time to write is short and the emotions too strong. To begin to describe these feeling would do them no good, only those who have served a mission could begin to understand. It is something you wait for, you count the days till, but your heart is breaking, your soul is splitting between two different countries, and many different people.

I remember opening my call as if it was yesterday, Mom and Dad were working and I was home alone when the mail man showed up, and I saw it. The letter that came directly from the first presidency. It was here. I couldn´t hold myself back i ran and grabbed the letter and rushed in, shaking with nerves to find out what could hold inside. Memories of when Brandon opened his letter flashing in bits and pieces. I wanted to be alone, to have time to come to terms with the next 18 months of my life, but i recorded it so i cold send it to Elder Wilson. Then it came. “Brazil Curitiba” I couldn´t even pronounce the place i was called to go to. The waves of emotions and tears as I came to grips with having to go to the MTC in another country and learn a new language. But then I kneeled down, and I asked my Father in Heaven, if this was the place for me. The amount of love that overcame me and i knew in that moment. I loved the people here.

It was there I learned what would carry me during these 18 months. The love of Christ.

Each and every day as I look back I see how much I was truly carried by the Savior, how much that he constantly cared for me and lead me to those who were searching for the eternal happiness.

Man, I don´t even know where to begin. Where do I start to tell you about how much I have changed here. That is where I’ll start, with that word.


Before I arrived I never knew how much I needed that word, I needed to change and quickly. I could not of stayed the same way I was and continue on the path of discipleship.

I needed to look towards Christ and become who He has always seen in me, and who now I am able to see as well.

Every moment I would never give back, every tears, every step, every testimony. Looking back over this time I have seen bits and bits of the change.

I have become more loving, I can see who these people are as Heavenly Father sees them, the sadness when you know they are not on the path to come back to Him, but the joy o when the spirit touches their hearts and they too in turn become changed in Christ. I have made new homes, places where my heart stays and will stay forever. I have become a part of this land and these people have become a part of me.

I have seen the miracles that the Book of Mormon brings, I have been a part of so many, to see how lives move from one word of the Prophets have said, and how lives can be saved. I can now say with a firm voice that I know it is the word of God and that through this book we will know our Savior. Not just know of Him but know who He is and His nature.

That is one more thing, and I think the most important thing I have come to learn come to change about myself during this time.

I have come to know my Savior. I know Him. I know His voice. I know who He is. And that has made the difference. That has made the change of who I am and who I was. I can not go back anymore, I can not have the same friends anymore, the same habits, because I am not the same. And I never will be again.

“You only get one chance to serve a mission; it is your responsibility, your duty, to use it to the fullest; to give every last ounce of energy until you collapse in exhaustion at the end of it.

All the hardships, all the tears, all the hard work will be looked back upon as the best thing you’ve ever done, not because you enjoyed it, not because you baptized everyone, but because you gave everything you had, even when you didn’t think you could, and especially when you didn’t want to.” – Jeffery R. Holland.

I love the Lord, i love the people of Brasil and i will be eternally grateful for these 18months.

– Sister Sarah Wilson

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